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The Formulary Monograph Service™ (Online)

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Delivers detailed information about recently released and investigational drugs including free access to past reviews increasing efficiency by saving hours of research time.

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  • One-page summary reviews of drugs published each month that are useful for meeting agendas and in-services
  • Monthly updates with 5 monographs about recently released drugs and those in late Phase 3 trials
  • Over 1,000 monographs with comparative charts and tables illustrating how each new drug compares with similar agents including:
    • Indications
    • Adverse reactions
    • Dosing
    • Clinical trial information
    • Pharmacoeconomic information (when available)
    • Recommendations for adding or replacing formulary drugs
    • One-page summary reviews of drugs published each month
    • Customizable format for presentation to hospital P&T committee


  • Saves time by assisting in preparing impressive P&T Committee presentations in less time and without tedious research
  • Increases efficiency by freeing up valuable time for other duties
  • Simplifies research and reporting when evaluating new drugs for formulary inclusion
  • Allows monograph customization to tailor the information to your own formulary

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