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Integrated A to Z Drug Facts™ Module

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Integrated A to Z Drug Facts™ Module provides health care professionals with concise drug reference information in an easy-to-access format. Comprehensive drug monographs, drug therapy protocols and patient counseling information are provided on prescription and OTC medications encountered in ambulatory care and acute care settings. When embedded into workflow applications, Integrated A to Z Drug Facts™ Module puts up-to-date drug information at your fingertips.


  • Administration and dosage information organized by patient age, route and specific disease state or medical condition
  • Prescription, OTC and Canadian medications
  • Indications for labeled, unlabeled and orphan uses
  • Adverse reactions organized by body system
  • Warnings and precautions for children, pregnant and lactating women, and the elderly, as well as for specific disease states
  • Drug interactions
  • Black box warnings
  • Patient counseling information
  • Monographs linked to Medi-Span’s Generic Product Identifier (GPI)
  • XML based monographs and accompanying style sheet to transform the content into HTML or other documents


  • Provides seamless access to critical drug prescribing information, including dosing, drug interactions, adverse reactions, warnings and precautions
  • Embeds trusted Facts & Comparisons® content directly within the workflow application
  • Presents information concisely in an easy-to-read format suitable for popular mobile devices or traditional desktop and laptop applications
  • Saves time by eliminating the need to exit the workflow to access drug reference information
  • Increases efficiency by simplifying drug research
  • Reduces risk of dispensing errors by placing reference information within the workflow
  • Includes content specifically designed for doctors and nurses
  • Increases patient safety by facilitating patient counseling
  • Allows practitioners more time with their patients
  • Supplies patient education section to assist in patient counseling
  • Provides drug reference information to support formulary decision making and patient call centers
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