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The Review of Natural Products (Loose-Leaf)

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The Review of Natural Products is the most comprehensive, scientifically based natural product publication on the market today. Based on clinical studies, monographs are peer-reviewed by an expert panel to provide accurate, evidence-based information. Provides up-to-date, objective assessment of the latest medical and scientific studies on natural products, including medically active foods (nutraceuticals).

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  • Over 350 fully-referenced monographs
  • Therapeutic and alphabetic indexes
  • Evidence-based herb/drug interactions appendix
  • Folkloric uses
  • Pregnancy and lactation information
  • Patient information


  • Access reliable and clinically relevant information
  • Supports specific practice needs with expert content
  • Eliminates the need to weed through generalized information that doesn’t pertain to your area of specialty

The drug information contained in this book is also available electronically through Facts & Comparisons® eAnswers.

Review of Natural Products

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